Our Team Members

The wonderful teaching staff is the soul of the school. The dedication and high professionalism of our teachers encourage students to achieve success in their studies. Our teachers are highly respected in their field. In each lesson, they share their rich experience and extensive knowledge of the subject with students. Get to know our outstanding educators and contact us if you have any questions. Below you will find more information about our teachers.


Jelena Muravskaja

ARTME Owner, Art-director, Teacher Expert, artist.

Visual Art and Design Teacher, ARTME-nanny

Julia Vasileva

Music Teacher, Master


Nadezhda Heikkinen

Art & Craft Teacher

Art & Craft Teacher, ARTME-nanny

Daiva Sojakka

Music Teacher, Expert

Classical piano lessons. Teacher with extensive teaching and work experience

Ekaterina Kostrova

Visual artist, Digital Design teacher (ullustration)

Master-class Individual or in a group.

Yibang Long

Digital Design Teacher (Animation, manga)

Fashion designer

Tanya Munilkina

Music Teacher, Master

Classical piano, vocal; ARTME-nanny

Elvin Sobolev

Music Teacher, Master

Piano lessons

Natalia Dombrovska

Art history and handmade teacher

Art critic. Teacher of needlework and art history. A sewing workshop (lessons, courses in sewing and needlework) and art meetings on the history of art. ARTME-nanny