Tanya Munilkina

About me

Passionate and creative Teacher with 5 years of experience in developing and implementing different curriculums and learning strategies covering subjects such as Musical Theory, Vocal Choir Lessons, and Musical Performance as well as English as a Second Language Instruction. Highly skilled at motivating students through positive encouragement and reinforcement of concepts via interactive and engaging classroom instruction and observation. Successful in helping students develop strong and confident Musical and English literacy, knowledge, and skills.

IBIS, LLC, Pushkino - Teacher Of Music

JAN 2018 - SEP 2019

  • Taught children basic vocal exercises, songs, and the basics of singing and music in Russian as well as in English, organized children performances for each holiday


  • Communicated frequently with parents, students, and faculty to provide feedback and discuss instructional strategies​

  • Instructed up to 20 students individually and in groups

The Center For Children's Arts, Pushkino - Conductor of the Choir
APR 2018 - JAN 2019
  • Taught children the theory of music as well as helped them to learn musical pieces in arrangements of three different voice types and perform the pieces in concerts


  • Performed various administrative functions, including filing paperwork, delivering mail, office cleaning and bookkeeping; created lesson plans for each class


  • Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and worked to maintain outstanding attendance record, consistently arriving to work ready to start immediately

The Center Of Tutoring, Pushkino — English Tutor
SEP 2017 - SEP 2019
  • Tutored individual students with a self-made program and lesson plan including subjects such as English Tenses, Grammar, Vocabulary, Phonics, etc.
  • Collaborated with students to enable them with skills in order for them to proficiently complete homework assignments, identify lagging skills and correct weaknesses
  • Used resources such as various English audios and music to drill students on their listening and interpretation skills and to help them improve recall of the English language
Music College of Moscow Region, Pushkino Vocational Degree of Music

June 2016 • Music Education, Conducting

Bible School of Ministry, Moscow — Biblical Education

July 2017 • Coursework in Youth and Children's Ministry, Theology, Pastoral Counseling,

Homiletics, Christian History, Mission etc.

Moscow University For Industry And Finance "Synergy", Moscow — Bachelors

June 2021 • Linguistics and English Interpretation

Business College Helsinki - Vocational Qualification of Business

May 2021 • Business studies, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship, Management, Finance etc.


• Always punctual               

• Experienced Pianist of 15 years

• Outstanding Communication                 

• Skilled in Leadership and Management

• Utilizing creative and engaging learning strategies

• Experience with teaching special-needs students