PRICES 2021-2022

The academic year is divided into two semesters - autumn and spring. In the Autumn semester 15 lessons and in the Spring semester 17 lessons. New students are also admitted in the middle of the semester if there are any studying places available. The price of a semester depends on the number of sessions remaining.

If you wish to find out about available times for one-off lessons, please contact us.


Base prices: teacher 45€/h; teacher Master 60€/h; teacher Expert 100€/h. When buying a "One-off lesson" at the base price comes a 5 €.

Teacher : a young teacher, a Bachelors degree (final year or graduate). Start a career.

Teacher Master: Master’s degree (final year or graduate). Work experience and professional achievements.

Teacher Expert: Scientific degree. Highly experience, professional achievements, composer or another special achievements.

If you want to buy lessons or you have any questions