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International ARTME School - 

Artme school

Visual Art, Art & Craft, Music, Design

“Academical knowledge’s and techniques” + “Modern/Contemporary”. We mix them, integrate in educational process.
Painting, drawing, design (product, graphic, interior), animation, composition, colour theory, art history, music

Educational programs, Exhibitions, Plain Airs, Workshops, courses, retreats, camps, projects
Business and psychological/transformational games
Events, Evening Art, meetings with designers, artists and other relevant persons
ARTME-nanny in your home and in our studio
Education in group in our studio, Online and Home Education

International ARTME School

Faculty of Music:

  • Play School (1-4 years old)

  • For pre-schoolers (5-6 years old)

  • For children (7-10 years old)

  • For Youth (11-18 years old)

  • For Adults. School / Hobby class

Faculty of Visual Art, Art & Craft and Design:

  • ARTME- nanny

  • Animation Lab

  • Art Lab

  • Digital Design Lab

  • Art for Soul

Home School:

  • Departure of the teacher at your home.

  • ARTME - nanny (at your home)

  • ARTME - nanny (in our studio)


  • For children and teenagers

  • Family

Plein airs

Creative meetings

Music / poetry evenings


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